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The International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (IACAET) is a professional association with a global orientation and scope. IACAET promotes a genuine global dialogue, particularly between South and North, East and West, about the role and practice of the creative arts in education and therapy across all regions. IACAET supports the development of the creative arts in a wide range of fields including education, therapy, healthcare and wellness, performing arts and other allied professions. IACAET supports the acknowledgement, and affirmation, of creative arts practitioners across the global who are committed to a body-mind-spirit continuum that advances humanity and the planet. IACAET achieves this through continuing professional development for educators and practitioners, by enhancing and safe-guarding training standards and practices rooted in diverse traditions, and through the facilitation of cross-regional, interdisciplinary and intersectional collaboration. In doing so, IACAET encourages equality and humanity in dialogues and exchanges across cultures worldwide.

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IACAET believes the aesthetic and creative use of the arts, together with body-mind-spirit integration in a holistic and humanistic approach, are essential for individual and collective well-being, social change, the advancement of humanity and the sustainable development of societies and nature.

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Movement as a precious tool for self-care: a salutogenesis perspective fostering personal development and growth

'The Body-Mind-Spirit of Self-Care' Series - Part 4

As the process of salutogenesis is very close to the nature of the human body and the human experienced body, the process of self-reflection is its inherent tool. In this workshop, you will practice and learn about salutogenesis and self-reflection and their supportive interventions.

DATE: MAY 22, 2022

TIME: 12:00 - 1:00 PM NEW YORK / 6:00 - 7:00 PM BASEL/SWITZERLAND



Webinar Leader


Brigitte Züger


Webinar description

Movement is a precious tool for self-awareness and personal growth in therapeutic and pedagogical settings. A salutogenetic view of self-reflection to gain self awareness fosters the continuum of existence leading towards personal development and growth. This workshop will foster the role of self-reflection and how we look at this as a precious tool for the salutogenetic process.

In this experiential workshop we will briefly touch on a few basic salutogenetic theories that will inform us towards working with a salutogenetic attitude about our movement experience. We will learn to understand that self-reflection can be a tool for and within the salutogenetic process. We will highlight and experience self-reflection oriented interventions and experience their impact in practical application and inner attitude towards building a salutogenetic self-concept.

Attendees learning outcomes

●   Theoretical understanding, discussion of interventions, applying interventions

●     Insight into the theoretical background of salutogenesis and its connection to the nature of human existence.

●     The connection between self-reflection and salutogenesis

●     The interventions that support salutogenetic factors and initiate self-reflection


Phillip SpeiserPh.D., RDT/BC

expressive arts educator/therapist, drama therapist and psychodramatist, and director of Parkside Arts and Health Associates.

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