Daily, our contexts bring stress to our lives. As therapists we resonate with our patients. Sometimes we get exhausted, drained, and feel a lack of energy. Other times we can become excited with high intensity, thus needing ways to discharge this to get in balance.

Attuning with our levels of energy allow us to connect with our needs. Through movement, we regulate to rest, relax, or activate holding and modulating being in contact with ourselves as embodied selves, with others and enacting with the environment.

This webinar will invite participants to explore two polarities- spaces where we also meet our patients. We will allow ourselves to be held, surrendering to the ground and gravity and self-touch. We will also contrast this through giving shape to our energy by exploring push and vibration, discharge, regulation, and modulation.

'As a Dance Movement Therapist and Psychotherapist working with groups and individuals, I see that when people become aligned with themselves in the present moment, they become more able to problem solve and access their creativity."

Participants will be invited to share and reflect on their felt sense and experience. We will connect experience with a short synthesis of theoretical foundations coming from haptonomy, contact improvisation and bioenergetic principles which hold the value of contact as touch (in this case moving from the floor and chair and metaphorically as being in contact with oneself, integrating body-mind.

Webinar Attendees learning outcomes:

  • Attendees will learn ways to self-regulate through getting in contact with the ground.
  • Attendees will explore discharging and moving energy leading towards feeling stronger in relation to awakening body parts through vibrating and pushing.
  • Attendees will learn how to modulate their energy by giving shape to it.


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