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Creating a Restorative Space for Care-Givers involved in the War in Ukraine

A panel of presenters will share their work on providing support for mental health providers, families, children, artists, and individuals who have been impacted by the war in Ukraine. Responsive artmaking by Webinar participants will happen concurrently during presentations. Additionally, live music performances will contribute to the richness of the work being described. It is with intention, that participants will be able to utilize some of the self-care practices for their own professional practice or personal growth.


TIME: 8:00 - 10:00 AM NEW YORK / 1:00 - 3:00 PM LONDON / 3:00 - 5:00 PM KIEV




  • Hannah Sherebrin (The Safe Studio and Resilience Kit)

    Hannah Sherebrin

    The Safe Studio and Resilience Kit

    Hannah has specialized in trauma, bereavement, and depression with adult and senior populations. She provides palliative care in home hospice situations for her clients. Hannah supervises mental health professionals as well as maintains a small private practice. She offers Art Therapy bereavement support groups for complex grief, and has published and presented workshops and lectures, including a key note at international conferences in Canada, US, Europe, Israel and South America on her work.

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  • Erica Hornthal (Moving Towards Better Health)

    Erica Hornthal

    Moving Towards Better Health

    Erica Hornthal is a licensed clinical counselor and board-certified dance/movement therapist based in Chicago, IL. She is the founder and CEO of Chicago Dance Therapy and the author of the award winning book, Body Aware: Rediscover Your Mind Body Connection, Stop Feeling Stuck, and Improve Your Mental Health with Simple Movement Practices.

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  • Yevgen Nemchenko (Conflicted Art: Ukrainian Artists’ Paintings after Russia’s Invasion)

    Yevgen Nemchenko

    Conflicted Art: Ukrainian Artists’ Paintings after Russia’s Invasion

    Born in Soviet Russia in the northern city of Severodvinsk and in adolescence moved to Kyiv, Ukraine and later in life to the USA. Finding himself in Russia at the onset of the war and traveling to Ukraine meeting with artists, Yevgen created a project called “Conflicted Art”. This is a collection of paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art by Ukrainian artists created right after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He established Conflicted Art as an organization whose goal is to help Ukrainian artists in this time of turbulence and a more ambitious goal of creating and developing US-Ukraine cultural ties.

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  • Nathalie Robelot-Timtchenko (First Aid of the Soul: Caring for the Caregivers in Ukraine)

    Nathalie Robelot-Timtchenko

    First Aid of the Soul: Caring for the Caregivers in Ukraine

    Nathalie founded and directs First Aid of the Soul offering free mental health & psychosocial support services to Ukrainians affected by the war through multifaceted approaches & a holistic trauma-informed lens.
    She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University. Her expertise is in working with individuals facing challenges related to self-worth, acculturation, displacement, complex trauma and interpersonal difficulties.

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  • Ilya Timtchenko (First Aid of the Soul)

    Ilya Timtchenko

    First Aid of the Soul

    Ilya is a Master’s in Public Policy candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University. As a Board Member for First Aid of the Soul, he advises the organization’s strategy, fundraising, and communications. Ilya is currently a research assistant for the Future of Diplomacy Project and the Intelligence Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Previous to his studies at Harvard, Ilya worked as a journalist in Ukraine as an editor at Kyiv Post, a leading English-language newspaper in Ukraine. He trained and managed many journalists who are now at the newly-established award-winning Kyiv Independent.

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  • Olena Voznesenska (Art Therapy & Mental Health in Times of Ongoing War: A review of the work of the Ukrainian Art Therapy Association)

    Olena Voznesenska

    Art Therapy & Mental Health in Times of Ongoing War: A review of the work of the Ukrainian Art Therapy Association

    Ph. D. (Social Science, Psychology), Senior staff scientist, Institute of Social and Political Psychology, National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, member of the board of National Psychological Association, President of Art Therapeutic Association, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    Founder of Ukrainian Art Therapy Association in 2003. The author of more than 170 printed works in scientific and popular science literature, including 11 educational and methodological manuals. Since 2006, co-author and leader of the advanced training course "Theory and practice of art therapy". In 2007-2014, she was an associate professor of the Department of Psychodiagnostics and Clinical Psychology of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.

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  • Valeriia Vovk

    Valeriia Vovk

    Valeriia Vovk is a producer, arranger, composer, singer, and activist from Ukraine. She comes from Odesa, a city on the shore of the Black Sea located in the south of the country. Valeriia writes and produces music in a variety of genres including jazz, pop, r&b, EDM, indie, folk, and musical theatre.
    Valeriia's biggest passion is Ukrainian poetry and folk music. She loves exploring her culture and is currently in the process of writing and releasing her first folk inspired tracks.

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  • Andriy Sydorenko (Integrative Art Therapy Institute, Ukraine)

    Andriy Sydorenko

    Integrative Art Therapy Institute, Ukraine

  • Olena Lutsenko

    Olena Lutsenko

    Olena Lutsenko, practical psychologist-methodist of the highest qualification category & art therapist. Methodist of the Kyiv City Teacher's House. Practical psychologist of Specialized School No. 114 with in-depth study of the English language. Member of the board of the NGO "Art-Therapeutic Association", head of the separate branch of the NGO "Art-Therapeutic Association" in Kyiv. She has over 27 years experience in the education system of Ukraine and has worked with art therapy for the past 8 years.

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Webinar description

The IACAET Global Care for Caregivers through the Arts webinar intends to provide a collegial space of support for arts-based professionals and organizations working in healthcare, mental health, education and development around Russia's war against Ukraine.  While there is a wealth of knowledge and practices to address crisis and trauma, IACAET acknowledges that we live in historical times where there is no template for managing the long term impact and severity of this war and its consequences upon families, children, individuals, communities and nations. We wish therefore to present a forum of solidarity, care and support for all our colleagues working on the ground both in Ukraine and outside of its' boundaries. This webinar will present some arts-based approaches that individuals, groups and organizations have developed that can help caregivers and persons seeking care to find ways of coping and being in relationship to each other. Additionally, live music performances will contribute to the richness of the work being described.  Webinar participants will learn about approaches, concepts and practices that can be applied towards: finding and being in connection; developing a practice for grounding; and a way towards building stability and resilience. It is with intention participants will be able to utilize some of the self-care practices for their own professional practice or personal growth.


Vivien Speiser 

Vivien Speiser is the Co-Director and Professor Emerita of the Institute for Arts and Health in The Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, Lesley University. She is also a Distinguished Research Associate in the Drama for Life Program at the University of the Witwatersrand. She is a licensed mental health counselor, a dance therapist and an expressive arts therapist and educator. Her work has allowed her unparalleled access to working with groups across the United States, Israel and internationally.

She has used the arts as a way of communicating across borders and across cultures and believes in the power of the arts to create the conditions for personal and social change and transformation. 

Dan Summer

Dr. Dan Summer is a Licensed creative arts therapist in New York Board-Certified Art therapist and Art therapy clinical Supervisor. He currently holds the position of assistant professor of art therapy at Caldwell University. He has had over 20 years clinical experience working with Inpatient psychiatric adults, outpatient emotionally disturbed youth, and private practice with adults and youth.

Dan has published on therapeutic theatre with youth at-risk of high school dropout, on developmental transformations, and on arts based project regarding gun violence. His current research interests include eco art therapy and spirituality, as well as exploring intersectional identity with college students.


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