Online Continuing Education based on Creative Movement, Garcia-Plevin® Method

Part of the Continuing Education seminars of the IACASE approved - Creative Movement Garcia-Plevin® Method, this online course is developed for students and professionals from different disciplines of body/mind integration interested in exploring the body and its connection with the manifold nature of creativity, useful for both therapeutic or educative fields. A series of seminars have been developed for ongoing and deepening of personal and professional growth and are open to individuals across different practices. This first seminar will explore the use of music.

Exploring Music for inspiring Creative, Somatic and Therapeutic Interventions

Maria Elena García

The seminar offers an introductory guide to select the music that can accompany and stimulate body-self awareness and the creative process in motion.

It will explore:

  • The relationship between musical elements (pitch, intensity, duration, timbre) and movement qualities.
  • Music choices that favor the attention to the own body and its inner movements.
  • Music choices that stimulate different forms of locomotion.
  • Music to stimulate the increasing and decreasing group energy.
  • Musical atmospheres as a stimulus for creative explorations.
  • The influence of different rhythms on group relationships.
  • How to use your body sensitivity to select music.

  1. Date & Time: October 12/13/14 (Mon-Wed), from 1:30-4 pm, Rome time
  2. Location: online through Zoom
  3. Requirement for space: possible to work alone undisrupted; possible to do simple movement in space
  4. Capacity: minimum 10; maximum 18

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