IACASE Global Webinar Series (7)

A WholeMovement Approach to Meeting the Realities of Online Teaching and Interactions

Date: September 23, 2020, 9-11 am New York/9-11 pm Beijing times

Presented by: IACASE; Supported by: Inspirees Institute, CAET open access journal

This webinar is presented by the founding member of IACASE – WholeMovement in collaboration with Inspirees Institute.

We movement educators and somatic movement practitioners must meet this era of Covid-19 in how we work, connect and interact. Our shared reality, in this moment in world history, is that most of our classes, meetings and other human interactions have moved to an online format. In facing this new reality, we must not simply applaud the technology that allows us to connect virtually, nor bemoan its interactive limitations. (It is not simply a matter of getting better at, or more comfortable with, using the technology.) We need to meet the challenges the situation poses and then use the tools of embodied somatic education to create interventions and solutions to the problematic patterns and limitations of connecting to others online. We need to understand what is and what is not possible through the online medium. Only then can we move forward to find our way to best practices in online experiences. It is the presenters' belief that the embodied movement community should be the leaders in sharing this knowledge with other communities who have moved to online interactions. We need to inform people of the potentials as well as the pitfalls and guide them in how to be mindful of patterns (ones that have emerged, as well as patterns that are yet to come as more online and hybrid approaches replace or coincide with "old school" interactions in a shared time and space environment). The WholeMovement presenters will focus on how the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) can identify both positive and problematic patterns of working online, and model ways to address and adapt to these patterns.

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Introduction (20-25min)

Embodied movement experience (10min)

How we accommodate online teaching (10min)

Movement exercise and sharing (30+45min) Practice 1 + Practice 2

Wrap –up (10min)


· Laura Cox, CMA, RSME, RSMT, US

· Karen Studd, CMA, C-CASE, RSMT, RSME, US

· Cat Maguire, CMA, RSME, US

· Esther Geiger, CAM, WACMA, US


· Susan Scarth, RSMT/E, UKCP/RDMP, CMA, C-CASE, UK

· Tony Yu Zhou, PhD, CMA, R-CASE, Netherlands/China

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