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Date: October 25, 2020, 9-11 am New York/9-11 pm Beijing times

Presented by: IACASE; Supported by: Inspirees Institute, CAET journal

In a time of catastrophe, a time where our ecological, social, political, economic and mental health meet in crisis, voices who carry the wisdom of indigenous praxis remind us of ways toward health and well-being. In a vision quest for a more sustainable, healthier relationship with our planet, with each other and ourselves, we are reminded of the wisdom, rituals and embodied practices of ancient cultures. And as the creative arts that are dedicated to the mind body spirit continuum innovate approaches to health and wellness in a time of crisis, the lessons of ancient cultures serve as a guide to how we can work consciously, effectively and ethically. This international webinar serves as an introduction to a much needed conversation about a conscious creative arts education and therapies approach in an age of turmoil and much needed change. The webinar will seek to ask:

· Why is it critical for Creative Arts Education and Therapies, particularly creative arts approaches that are embedded in the mind body spirit continuum, to be conscious of Indigenous Knowledge systems, cultures and practices?

· What can Creative Arts Education and Therapies dedicated to the mind body spirit continuum learn from Indigenous Knowledge systems?

· What do ancient cultures inform us about stepping into the soul spaces of those gone by? What are the implications of embodying generations long gone past? How do we grieve what is lost, and how do we move into a future unchartered?

· In what ways can a conscious Creative Arts Education and Therapies Approach contribute toward the current global eco-emergency, health crisis and socio-political conflict?

· How can ancient wisdom, ritual and embodiment help teach us to breathe again?


· Nsamu Moonga – Music Therapist, Musician (Zambia)

· Lucy Draper-Clarke– PhD, facilitator and researcher-practitioner (South Africa)

· Elikem Kunutsor – Dance Movement Performance Artist and Scholar (Ghana)

· Mmatshilo Motsei – Poet, Writer, Healer, Indigenous Knowledge Expert (South Africa)

· Dr. Sue Jennings – Pioneer Drama and Play Therapist, Anthropologist, Author and Editor of several publications (UK/Indonesia)

· Manuela Marciel – Psychotherapist, Psychodramatist, Transgenerational Expert (Portugal)

· Monica Zuretti – Professor Psychotherapy, Psychodramatist, Eco and Indigenous Knowledge Expert (Argentina)

· Professor Liz Cameron - Chair of Indigenous Knowledges, School of Communications and Creative Arts, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University (Austraila)

· Lama Majaj – Arts Psychotherapist, Educator, IACASE Regional Director (Jordan)

· Dr. Sharina – Dance, Movement (China)


· Warren Nebe – MA, MA, RDT, C-CASE (Africa)

· Tony Yu Zhou – PhD, CMA, R-CASE (Netherlands/China)

Join our distinguished panel of experts from across the globe to take a journey into our past, present and future.

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Oct 25, 2020

9:00 AM - 11:00 AMGMT-4

Art is Knowledge