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The International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (IACAET) is a professional association with a global orientation and scope. IACAET promotes a genuine global dialogue, particularly between South and North, East and West, about the role and practice of the creative arts in education and therapy across all regions. IACAET supports the development of the creative arts in a wide range of fields including education, therapy, healthcare and wellness, performing arts and other allied professions. IACAET supports the acknowledgement, and affirmation, of creative arts practitioners across the global who are committed to a body-mind-spirit continuum that advances humanity and the planet. IACAET achieves this through continuing professional development for educators and practitioners, by enhancing and safe-guarding training standards and practices rooted in diverse traditions, and through the facilitation of cross-regional, interdisciplinary and intersectional collaboration. In doing so, IACAET encourages equality and humanity in dialogues and exchanges across cultures worldwide.

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IACAET believes the aesthetic and creative use of the arts, together with body-mind-spirit integration in a holistic and humanistic approach, are essential for individual and collective well-being, social change, the advancement of humanity and the sustainable development of societies and nature.

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Nurturing Movements: Self-Care and Bartenieff Fundamentals

'The Body-Mind-Spirit of Self-Care' Series - Part 3

We humans are physical, emotional, intellectual, social, creative and spiritual beings, driven to realize ourselves in connectedness. An optimally healthy life might presuppose that we can take sufficient care of all these dimensions of our human nature. Although each dimension requires attention and techniques that effectively promote self-care, we have chosen to present 'movement as a self-care activity' to you in this experiential webinar. This workshop takes you through 6 small and effective movement sequences, based in the Bartenieff Fundamentals, that will nurture your well-being, your grounding, your self-awareness and your global recuperation.

DATE: APRIL 24, 2022

TIME: 12:00 - 1:00 PM NEW YORK / 6:00 - 7:00 PM BELGIUM



Webinar Leader

Niek Ghekiere

Niek Ghekiere

Stephanie de Bruijckere

Stephanie de Bruijckere

Webinar description

We are born into the movement of life as movers- nurturing movements!

As much as we like to use the word self-care, practice shows us that there is a big gap between 'knowing that self-care is important' and 'caring for ourselves'. The main obstacles to self-care have been identified as the attachment to unhealthy behavior, lack of motivation to change, difficulty of maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially when we are living in an polluted environment, inability to respond effectively to symptoms and life events- such as stress, mood and distractions. These obstacles interact with illness to interfere with healthy behavior (Riegel, 2019). These findings indicate that self-care needs a person-centered approach and can be multi-layered. Researchers who have studied self-care strategies in people with chronic pain ask for a holistic and biopsychosocial approach that allows for mind-body therapies (Delgado et al., 2014). Mind-body therapies consist of a large group of healing techniques that improve the interactions of the mind with bodily functions. These interventions have a stress-regulating effect and improve general health and well-being. Referring to art therapies and especially dance and movement therapy, there is growing evidence that dance and movement therapy improves quality of life, makes us feel good, improves mood, body image, affect and reduces anxiety and depression symptoms (Koch et al., 2014 ). Dance movement is proven to be an effective and useful treatment method that will also promote self-care.

For the self-care series, our intention is to build on the work of the first speaker in this series, Patricia Bardi. An approach that uses the breath and an approach that, in addition to the breath, fluoresces another aspect of the nature of our humanity: movement. We have challenged ourselves to present techniques that are accessible and easy to apply. These techniques should stimulate grounding, promote body awareness, reduce stress and should have a direct felt experienced effect. We have found our inspiration in a dance therapeutic approach that respects the psycho-somatic core of humans: the Bartenieff Fundamentals.

As a seated zoom participant, this workshop takes you through 6 small and effective movement sequences that you can perform while sitting in a chair, and even while 'pretending' to be working hard behind your screen. The guidance and presentation will be provided for you by Stephanie de Bruijckere (Director AgapeBelgium Academy, DMT, CMA, trainer Laban Bartenieff Movement System).

Attendees learning outcomes

·      Bring awareness into your bodily felt experiences

·      Develop a non-judgemental witness attitude towards yourself

·      Embrace curiosity and gratefulness towards bodily and inner felt dynamics

·      Experience the relieving effect of centering 

·      Experience how grounding is a psychosomatic felt experience

·      Experience how breath supports awareness and self-regulation

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