The CAET Webinars: Creative Arts Education & Therapy - History, Applications & Frontiers, is a program organized by Inspirees Instituteand the CAET Journal. In these webinars, we invite some of the most influential and promising educators and therapists to deliver online presentations. We have now opened these webinars for free participation for registered IACASE members.

Introduction of CAET Webinar 36

The jewel usually symbolizes wealth, but can also have the meaning of belonging to a group. The jewel is often related to the gift. In this sense, the jewel in its anthropological meaning is understood as something more than luxury ostentation, but a bond between people, a very special object of supply, that seals compromises.

This CAET webinar presents a project organized by the Research Center of the Portuguese Visual Arts Teachers Association, APECV. In this project our team of researchers in arts education and teachers of arts was invited to collaborate with an NGO. The project aimed to establish situations for learning about arts and improving personal and social skills. The project was conducted in a medium European size city in Portugal, during the period October 2016- September 2017. Contemporary art practices were used in the 10 one day long sessions where the participants engaged in group dynamics through the art and developed a collective design for a jewel.

Registration information

Date & Time: December 23rd @ 8 pm Beijing time (7 am NYC & 12 pm London times)

Location: Online (Zoom)

Presenter: Teresa Torres de Eça, PhD (Portugal)

Host: Wenlong Zhang, PhD (Taiwan)


Teresa Torres de Eça

Teresa Torres de Eça, PhD, President of the Portuguese ...

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