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IEG Swan Membership Gold
This is a 12-month membership
This membership is for individuals only

This is the IEG Swan Membership Gold which is a package deal for the following products and services:

  • Free access CAET journal online; free PDF (Hi-res) download
  • Free access to CAET webinar series (16-18 sessions yearly)
  • Free access to Laban webinar series (20 sessions)
  • Free access to all i-KC videos
  • Free consultation for studying abroad
  • 2 coupons of 500 RMB discount on Inspirees workshops
  • 2 coupons of 50% RMB discount on Inspirees creative arts books
  • Other constantly added benefits

Fully refunded within 7 days after the order; no refund after 7 days.

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Refund is not possible due to the international payment costs.