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Creative Arts in Education and Therapy: Eastern, Western and Global Perspectives

International open access journal of IACAET (International Association of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy)

Following the winter issue of 2021 , We are calling for contributions to the 2022 winter issue with a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to Research and the Arts. We cordially invite authors to contribute papers to CAET in order to share your perspectives among colleagues in the East, West, and the rest of the world. Artistic formats are supported together with scholarly writing. Submitted manuscripts should contain 4,000-6,000 words and make a direct effort to include China/Asia in their content. We also encourage submissions of artworks related to our topics and fields. Full submission guidelines can be found at the CAET website . Inquiries regarding journal policy, manuscript preparation, and other such general topics should be sent to the CAET editorial office: .  

 has recently launched a new Global Webinar series ‘’. This call for papers on Research and the Arts is an integral component towards advancing and serving the fields of creative arts in education, therapy, health, and community. At the very core of these fields of inquiry is the place that the arts have in a variety of research approaches and methodologies to further our understanding of complex issues we face in society today. This approach is in line with our mission at the International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (IACAET), and our belief that the aesthetic and creative use of the arts, integrated with body-mind-spirit, is essential for individual and collective well-being, social change and the advancement of humanity and our planet. 

This edition will present cutting-edge research ideas, projects, and methodologies that are taking place in our world today and will highlight the opportunities and challenges they encompass. In line with our offerings, we are pleased to present leaders and pioneers in the field who will address key aspects of using the arts in research, their philosophical approaches and foundations, fundamental ideas, and also controversies that arise from such research approaches. This journal edition is intended to be thought-provoking and accessible to all - researchers, practitioners, educators, community workers, and students. We hope to learn from each other and to inspire one another to reach new questions, share the joy of inquiry, and above all ‘to make the art’ that becomes the research. We encourage submissions in all research genres that utilize art in its colorful array: drama, performance, poetry, dance and movement, music, visuals, and other intermodal expressive forms. Submissions may use, but are not limited to the following research approaches: 

Performance as Research (PaR), Art-based Research (ABR),  Arts Informed Research (AIR), Artistic Research (AR) & Pedagogy on Arts-based Research (PoAR)

We strongly recommend that you read the published CAET articles online , in order to get some idea of the styles of CAET and our requirements. 

We look forward to your contribution. Many thanks in advance for your willingness to write for CAET.
Warm regards,
Executive Editorial Committee, CAET
CAET Statement

CAET is the premier source in the world intended for artists, educators, and therapists who use and integrate creative and expressive arts in their work. The journal’s focus is the discussion of perspectives, theory-based applications, and practical results on issues concerning West and East—particularly China and its neighboring cultures. The journal fosters dialogue between East and West, and world cultures and supports cross-disciplinary cooperation and research between creative arts (creative writing, dance/movement, drama, film, music, and visual arts) and education, therapy, psychology, medicine, and other related fields. CAET was founded in 2015 by  and was led by two editors-in-chief, , University Professor at Lesley University, and  of the Academic College for the Arts and Society until 2021. In 2022 new CAET co-editors will be , and .

CAET has an editorial board consisting of 50 leading international expressive arts experts. In the Fall of 2018, CAET became an Open Access (OA) Journal, the first of its kind in the various communities that it serves. Online publication significantly expands accessibility and incorporates color, imagery, and video to more effectively present the artistic expressions which inform every aspect of the publication. The inaugural OA issue (4.1) features . CAET subscriptions are also available in hard copy. In 2021, CAET became the official publication of IACAET (The International Association of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy), making it far and broad-reaching for a global community. Find more information about IACAET on .

CAET invites research articles, case reports, program descriptions, position papers, interviews, artwork, and conference reports relevant to the field. We also welcome books for review consideration. Manuscripts are subject to a peer-review process before being accepted and published. Contributions are to be in English and will be published with bilingual abstracts in English and Chinese. CAET publishes two issues per year in both print and online versions and is distributed worldwide and collected by the National Library of China, Royal Dutch National Library, and major universities in China. 

The Journal’s East-West perspective is dedicated to exploring, presenting, and understanding the necessary interdependence of all world communities — current, past, and future — as originally envisioned by the SìXiàng(四象), the four creatures who stand at the cardinal directions of the universe and affirm China’s historic emphasis on living in attunement with nature. Contributions regarding how artistic expressions, in their infinite uniqueness, relate to this shared humanity are welcomed from all regions of the world.
The Journal encourages scholarly, engaging, and art-based submissions in varied media (visual art, film and video, dance, drama, poetry and literature, music, integrated arts, and all possible modes of artistic expression) presented in ways that are accessible to the public. 
创造性艺术教育和治疗(CAET) — 东西方视角



继2021年冬季特刊成功出版我们呼吁为 2022 年冬季刊投稿,重点关注研究和艺术的跨学科方法。

最近推出了一个新的全球网络研讨会系列“”。这项关于研究和艺术的论文征稿启事是推动和服务于教育、治疗、健康和社区的创意艺术领域的一个组成部分。这些研究领域的核心是艺术在各种研究方法和方法中的地位,以进一步了解我们当今社会面临的复杂问题。这种方法符合我们在国际创造性艺术教育与治疗协会 (IACAET) 的使命,并且我们相信艺术的审美和创造性使用与身心精灵相结合,对于个人和集体来说都是必不可少的福祉、社会变革以及人类和地球的进步。


表演即研究 (PaR)、基于艺术之研究 (ABR)、艺术知情研究 (AIR) , 艺术研究 (AR) 和艺术研究教育学(PoAR)

我们诚挚地邀请作者向CAET期刊投稿,与东西方以及全球同行分享您的观点。我们鼓励艺术创作形式与学术写作相结合。提交的稿件应为4,000-6,000字,并尝试在文章中涵盖突显与中国/亚洲相关的内容。同时我们也欢迎与艺术作品有关的投稿。完整的投稿指南可以在CAET网站 上找到。有关期刊政策、稿件准备和其他一般问题的咨询,请发送到CAET编辑部邮箱 




CAET 执行编委会

《创造性艺术教育及治疗-东西方视角》(简称CAET)是世界上主要的艺术家,教育者和治疗师的原始资料,他们在作品中使用和融合创意和表现艺术。CAET汇集全球首屈一指的资源,面向在工作中使用并整合创造性和表达性艺术的艺术家、教育人士和治疗师。期刊聚焦西方和东方(特别是中国及其邻国文化)相关议题的观点讨论、基于理论的应用和实践结果。致力于促进东西方对话,支撑创造性艺术(创意写作、舞蹈/动作、戏剧、电影、音乐及视觉艺术等)与教育、治疗、心理学、医学和其它相关领域的合作和研究。 CAET由创办,曾为两位联合主编Lesley大学和艺术与社会学院的领导。2022年开始由四位联合编辑加入.



CAET的东西方视角致力于探索、展示和理解世界各个专业社区相互依存的必要性 - 当前,过去和未来 - 正如中国古代四象符号所设想的那样,这四大神兽位于宇宙的主要方向,表明了中国历史中强调的与自然调协相处。我们欢迎来自世界各地关于艺术表达以其无限的独特性来连接共同人性的文章。


CAET is an online open access journal based in Beijing, China, but reaching out and connecting to the world. It is the premier global source for artists, educators and therapists who use the creative arts as an integral part of their work. CAET has over 50 leading experts on its .

CAET is included in , , and (Nr. 1 scholarly database in China) and other important indexes with both Chinese and English abstract.

 all for Submission
The deadline for submission is August 1, 2022 (Winter Issue 2022).
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The authors who publish with CAET have a profile hosted on the CAET website. This contains a brief bio, photo, and publication links. CAET provides a great opportunity for you to get your work known by other like-minded professionals around the world.
Benefits of publishing with CAET

• Gold open access and free without APC
• An innovative and robust publishing format including text, audio and video
• Immediate free-access to online content
• Support from a wide range of reviewers and an international editorial board
• Global marketing and distribution
• English and Chinese abstracts available
• Active involvement and networking via publications, webinars and conferences
The International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (IACAET) is a professional association with a global orientation and scope. IACAET promotes discourse and the development of creative arts in a wide range of fields including education, therapy, healthcare and wellness, performing arts, and other allied professions. IACAET supports the continuing professional development of educators and practitioners by developing and safe-guarding training standards and practice and facilitating cross-regional and cross-disciplinary collaboration. IACAET encourages equality and humanity in dialogues and exchanges across cultures worldwide, in both developed and developing countries and regions.

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