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Inspirees Newsletter (2022 Summer)

Dance Therapy 9th Cohort Starts in September 2022
Inspirees Institute offers the dance therapy certificate program which is in full compliance with the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) alternate route training guideline. The 9th cohort will start in September 2022. After completion of the 3-4 years systematic training, our students will be eligible to apply for R-DMT credential from ADTA. All our courses are instructed in English by some 20 senior faculty members with different specialization. From this year, a new module of dance training is added to the program to expand the movement repertoire of our students. This program was established in China since 2010 and featured at ADTA Conference in 2013. Read more
African Dance Course Introduced in Inspirees Program
Inspirees is collaborating with African artists and educators to introduce African dance course into our training program. The course provides students with an African dance experience with emphasis on epistemology and its somatic explorations. The course is both theoretical and experiential, with students receiving information on all that might relate to the understanding of a particular dance, such as its relationship to its history, culture, or music. The first lesson will start on July 22. Registration is open for students within and outside of Inspirees training program. Read more
Workshop: The Harmonics of Polarities 
Following the success of the popular workshop Dynamic Boundaries through LBMS attended by nearly 100 participants at International Symposium of LBMS in April, Brenton is going to offer a second workshop to the Chinese and international LBMS community. Within LBMS there exist many important concepts expressed as polarities, such as Exertion-Recuperation, Function-Expression, and Stability-Mobility. Frequently polarities are seen as mutually exclusive opposites. However, Laban appreciated the rhythmic flow between polarities as one aspect of what he considered “harmony”. This experiential workshop will explore a number key polarities within LBMS as well as how to approach working with them. . Read more

Art of Embodied Organizational/Corporate Development (AEOD) Module 2 Start in September 
The new innovative training program The Art of Embodied Organizational and Corporate Development (AEOD) was lunched with the first cohort started on May 14, 2022. The program is led by Dr. Malini Nagpal, BC-DMT, PhD in organizational psychology, joined by the guest teachers Joan Wittig (BC-DMT) , Karen Bradley (CMA) and Dr. Andrea Schlaerth. The 15 students have finished their Module 1 of 40 hrs. Module 2 will start on September 10.  Read more
Authentic Movement Training in Progress
The Inspirees Authentic Movement training program has officially started on April 22, 2022. The modular program is taught by Marcia Plevin and Rosa Maria Govoni. Module 1 (Ground Form) consists of 40 hours plus 10 hours of paperwork and supervision, totaling 50 hours. 8 students from China have been admitted into the first cohort and are now towards the end of Module 1. Read more
International Laban Symposium 2022 Finish with Big Success
The International Symposium of LBMS 2022 was finished successfully on April 3, 2022. The theme of this symposium is: Evolution and Development of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System – the Ongoing Legacy of Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff. The scale and quality of this event has exceeded our expectations. There were more than 25 presentations and workshops in the past 3 days, with more than 30 speakers, and more than 260 colleagues from more than 15 countries and regions registered to participate in the conference. The talks and discussions cover most cutting-edge development in the world, making it an important summit in our somatic field. Following the success of this event, we will organize a bigger conference World Arts and Embodiment Forum (WAEF) in March to April 2023. Read more
Certified Movement Analyst Training Program Progress 
Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) China Training Program progressed with online format in 2022. The 2nd cohort, taught by Karen Studd and Cat Maguire has completed Module 2. The 3rd cohort, instructed by Cheryl Clark, has finished Module 1A in June and will start 1B in August. The program is based on LBMS (Laban-Bartenieff Movement System) and started since 2016 by Inspirees in collaboration with the prestigious Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS®) in New York. We welcome the applications from all over the world to join this exciting international program, an invaluable opportunity to study LMA/BF and gain unique cultural experiences in China. Read more

Music Therapy Course Launched
Inspirees has strategically expanded stepwise its program beyond dance therapy in other creative arts therapy field including music therapy, drama therapy and expressive arts therapy. An introduction course on Music Therapy has been launched in collaboration with our Chinese partner. This course is taught by Dr. Annie Heiderscheit, Director of Music Therapy and Associate Professor at Augsburg University. In total, there are six cohorts in this course, most of participants are the psychology counselors in China. Overseas students can follow this course on Udemy. Read more
Creative Arts Education and Therapy Series Online

The recordings of our acclaimed webinar series (2018-2020): Creative Arts Education and Therapy – History, Applications and Frontiers, is now available online. The whole series has 7 modules covering different art forms of music, drama, dance, expressive art, poetry, and play in 32 sessions. Speakers in this series including Robert Landy, Elissa White, Helen Payne, Guo Hai-pin and many other pioneers, well-known educators, therapists, and artists who presented the latest developments in China and the world in our field. Read more
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