About the Event

Creative Movement Summit

March 24-26, 2023

Creative Movement (CM) Summit is part of World Arts & Embodiment Forum 2023 brought to you by Inspirees and its partners. The theme of WAEF 2023 is Stabilization, Innovation & Breakthrough – Cultivating Resilience through the Embodied Arts.

Mar 24, 2023 to Apr 30, 2023 GMT+8

Curators & Panelists

  • Marcia Plevin (Co-Founder, Creative Movement Association)

    Marcia Plevin

    Co-Founder, Creative Movement Association

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  • Dr. Montanari Fabrizia

    Dr. Montanari Fabrizia

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  • Dr. Zeynep Catay (New School for Social Research)

    Dr. Zeynep Catay

    New School for Social Research

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  • Dr. Riccardo Lombardo

    Dr. Riccardo Lombardo

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  • Dr. Steve Harvey (University of Guam)

    Dr. Steve Harvey

    University of Guam

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  • E. Connor Kelly (President, Dance Therapy Association of Australasia)

    E. Connor Kelly

    President, Dance Therapy Association of Australasia

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  • Maria Elena Garcia (President, Movimento Creativo Garcia-Plevin method - Association)

    Maria Elena Garcia

    President, Movimento Creativo Garcia-Plevin method - Association

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  • Tiziana Giansante (Creative Movement Garcia-Plevin Method® Association)

    Tiziana Giansante

    Creative Movement Garcia-Plevin Method® Association

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  • Susan Griss (Lesley University)

    Susan Griss

    Lesley University

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  • Prof. Rosa-María Rodríguez-Jiménez (President, EADMT)

    Prof. Rosa-María Rodríguez-Jiménez

    President, EADMT

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  • Ying Xiong (ChangSha Normal University)

    Ying Xiong

    ChangSha Normal University

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  • Penny Best (O.Pen Be) (Co-founder, the European Dance Movement Therapy Association)

    Penny Best (O.Pen Be)

    Co-founder, the European Dance Movement Therapy Association

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  • Katee Yan Shen (Program Manager, Inspirees Education Group)

    Katee Yan Shen

    Program Manager, Inspirees Education Group

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Event Description

Creative Movement (CM) Summit contains 26 sessions with almost 50 speakers involved, including key conversations (120 min), 14 Presentations (25 min), 8 Workshops (75 min) and 3 Art Performances (20 min) in online format. 

Creative Movement (CM) is a general term used in a wide field of movement disciplines and somatic practices connected to the relationship between mind/body and spirit. CM answers the need for well-being and health care and in education with the goal to liberate a person's permission to be creative at any age. Creativity is known through research to be a key in a person's ability to re-discover play and spontaneity in one's life and furthermore to cultivate resilience in the ever-changing landscape of transformations in today's times. Specifically this stream centers on processes in movement used to stimulate the creative spirit to emerge in the body/mind which then can be formulated for different purposes. Not a therapy, per se, its results can be therapeutic. Welcomed to this stream are Creative Movement practices in the world.

There are many pioneers and schools in the field of Creative Dance/Movement that have begun in the past decades around the world. They developed specific forms and approaches yet shared something in common which is the core of Creative Movement: play, spontaneity learning and creating through the kinesthetic sense. One use of CM seen worldwide is within childhood education aiding the child to move and dance a concept towards understanding it.

Laban brought his work to UK in the 1940s and helped to establish the creative dance and movement education in the country. This laid a basis for the further development of professions including dance movement therapy. In the United States from the 1950's choreographers and dancers such as Barbara Mettler, Norma Canner and Blanche Evans who was also a dance movement therapist were active in the field. In Italy, Maria Elena Garcia and Marcia Plevin, two former contemporary dancers who became dance movement therapists, created Garcia-Plevin (GP) Method® in 1993. In 1998 the method became part of a registered Association bringing the training program to different countries starting the CM program with Inspirees in 2014. Its aims are to recover deep listening to the body/mind in order to develop an embodied expressive, relational and creative self. The core of the CM GP Method is the use of improvisation as a means to develop spontaneity and consciousness of the reciprocal body/mind relationship.  Rudolph Laban's Effort-Shape and Shape Harmony theories, elements of mindfulness practice and introduction to authentic movement practice serve to deepen consciousness for moving, dancing and thinking creatively from a deeper source within the self.

This stream of the summit will offer presentations, workshops and roundtable discussion from the creators, teachers and graduates of the Association of Creative Movement GP Method to share their local experiences of learning and practicing in education, community, performance, personal development, and corporate training etc. 


* The Schedule below is Beijing Time. Please download the Schedule with different time zones at bottom of this page. Please note that all the sessions will be recorded and will be available for viewing within 3 days after the whole summit. Contact us if this is not clear.

  • Day 1 (March 24, 2023)
    15:00 - 15:25Creative resources in times of fear and uncertainty
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Education/Wellbeing
    Speaker: Maria Elena Garcia
    15:25 - 16:40Reviewing the Creative Dialogue Project: Using Online Creative Arts Improvisations across Countries and Cultures during the COVID Pandemic
    Session: Workshop (75 min)
    Topic: International Crisis
    Speakers: Steve Harvey,E. Connor Kelly,Tingting Song, Tanvi Rodrigues
    16:40 - 16:50Break
    16:50 - 17:15Be-coming Tree: Live streamed transnational project building global resilience through embodied arts
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Community/Ecology/Performance
    Speakers: Penny Best, Jatun Risba, Danièle Minns
    17:15 - 18:30Embodied architecture - a new perspective of the life space
    Session: Workshop (75 min)
    Topic: Community/Wellbeing/Professional practice
    Speakers: Elisabetta Leodori, Evelina Bassu, Micaela di Benedetti
    18:30 - 18:55Through actions of the body we can develop the longest sustaining memories.
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Education/Performance/Professional practice
    Speaker: Tang Wanling
    19:30 - 19:45Opening
    Speakers: Curators
    19:45 - 20:10Moving on the bridge between Creative Movement and Dance Movement therapy: an inquiry of their similarities and differences in training and practice
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Education/Wellbeing/Professional practice
    Speakers: Marcia Plevin & Joan Wittig
    20:10 - 21:25Body awareness and movement for skills-based learning and self-care in higher education: a model based on Dance Movement Therapy
    Session: Workshop (75 min)
    Topic: Education
    Speaker: Rosa-María Rodríguez-Jiménez
    21:25 - 21:35Break
    21:35 - 22:00Creative Movement applied to dancers: testimony of a didactic path
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: History/Education
    Speaker: Patrizia Macagno
    22:00 - 22:30The Regenerative Body
    Session: Art Performance (30 min)
    Topic: Performance/Wellbeing/Spirituality
    Speaker: Elikem Kunutsor
    Day 2 (March 25, 2023)
    09:00 - 10:15Mettler-based Creative Dance: Cultivating Individual Expression and Collective Dance-Making
    Session: Workshop (75 min)
    Topic: Education/Community/Wellbeing
    Speaker: Mary Ann Brehm
    15:00 - 15:25Creative movement and conducting for students of music education
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Education/Professional practice/Music
    Speaker: Riccardo Lombardo
    15:25 - 16:40The Body as Felt, Known, Poetic Place. A songline of eco-relationship with all sentience through image and dance improvisation.
    Session: Workshop (75 min)
    Topic: Ecology/Wellbeing/Spirituality
    Speaker: Narelle Carter-Quinlan
    16:40 - 16:50Break
    16:50 - 17:15The sense of (creative) movement: Possible interactions/integrations between Creative Movement and Philosophy
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Education/Ecology/Philosophy
    Speaker: Simona Donato
    17:15 - 17:40Localization Practice of Children's Creative Dance Course
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Education/Professional practice
    Speaker: Chen Li
    19:30 - 19:55Play and creativity in adulthood through the Creative Movement Gracia-Plevin Method®
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Education/Wellbeing
    Speaker: Tiziana Giansante
    19:55 - 20:05Break
    20:05 - 21:20Minds in Motion: Creative Movement as a Language for Learning
    Session: Workshop (75 min)
    Topic: Education
    Speaker: Susan Griss
    21:20 - 21:45Creative Dance as Experiential Learning in State Primary Education: The Potential Benefits for Children
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Theory/Education/Professional practice
    Speaker: Helen Payne
    21:45 - 22:05Spring Tides of an Unspoiled Girl
    Session: Art Performance (20 min)
    Topic: Community/Performance/Social justice
    Speakers: Loredana Larionescu, Alexandra Balasoiu
    Day 3 (March 26, 2023)
    15:00 - 15:25Discover Moving Nature: Movement Activities Resource for Care-Givers and Professionals
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Clinical application/Community/Wellbeing
    Speaker: Jordine R Cornish
    15:25 - 16:40Dance Ability® - An inclusive dancepractice to break through isolation!
    Session: Workshop (75 min)
    Topic: Community/Performance/Professional practice
    Speaker: Fabian Chyle-Silvestri
    16:40 - 16:55Break
    16:55 - 17:15The creative process in the time of Covid-19 on the example of choreopoetry with creative movement
    Session: Art Performance (20 min)
    Topic: Performance
    Speakers: Mojca Kasjak & Alenka Vidrih
    17:15 - 18:30Changing Flow states through connective dance/ movement practices in the Parkinson’s community
    Session: Workshop (75 min)
    Topic: Community/Wellbeing/Professional practice
    Speaker: Melanie Brierley
    19:00 - 19:25Merging Science with the Sacred : Self-care through Somatics, Dance and the Spiritual Wisdom of our Indigenous Ancestors
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Ecology/Wellbeing/Spirituality
    Speaker: Helene Su
    19:25 - 19:50Dancing through Landscapes - Dance Movement Therapy meets Landscape Analytics
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Education/Ecology
    Speaker: Julia Morozova, Arseniy Belorusets & Julia Konopeltseva
    19:50 - 20:15Path to creativity: a story of an experience with children during the lockdown
    Session: Presentation (25 min)
    Topic: Education/Wellbeing
    Speaker: Gea Lucetti
    20:15 - 20:30Break
    20:30 - 22:30What is Creative Movement? The Training, Practice and Applications of Creative Movement in different realities.
    Session: Key Conversation (120 min)
    Topic: Education/Community/Wellbeing
    Speakers: Steve Harvey, E. Connor Kelly, Susan Griss, Maria Elena Garcia, Penny Best (O. Pen Be), Xiong Ying, Rosamaria Rodriguez, Shen Yan, Marcia Plevin

1.The specific time of some sessions is subject to change. Final schedule will be availabel on January 31, 2023.

2.The recordings of sessions will be available for 45 days after the CM summit.


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Speakers' Biographies and Full Schedule

讲者简介(Speakers' bios).pdf
CM Summit Schedule(with different time zones).pdf