Application for membership of IACASE(International Association of Creative Arts Somatic Education) is made possible via IEG membership solutions.

IACASE has an inclusive, broad scope and reaches in different regions of the world. IACASE membership helps you or your organization to expand horizons and build international connections with IACASE's extensive networking and opportunities across disciplines. It also brings you to the international stage for equal dialogue with practitioners and organizations in other parts of the world. We are committed to making our membership accessible and supportive for the growth of our international community.

International Fee Schedule

We recognize differences in the level of economy and wealth among different regions of the world. In order to make IACASE membership accessible to all our members, we set our international fees schedule into 4 Zone by referring to the World Bank Income Index covering 218 countries and regions.

  • Zone 1: High income
  • Zone 2: Upper middle income
  • Zone 3: Lower middle income
  • Zone 4: Low income

Please check and download <world-income-index_2020> to see which zone your country or region belongs to.

  • IACAET Individual membership (Zone 1)
    12 months
    Package price
    $50 / €44

    This is for anyone who wants to associate with IACASE in support of our mission. An individual member can be a professional, a client, or a friend.

    Your benefits include:

    • Become part of a truly global community for networking and dialogue
    • Access to a wide range of experts and their expertise across disciplines and fields、
    • Attend regular IACASE member global online events (webinars, conferences)
    • Full access to CAET journal texts and other video materials
    • Join internal online discussion group of IACASE members
    • Special Membership discount on IACASE associated workshops and courses
  • IACAET Board Member Only
    12 months
    Package price

    This is ONLY valid for IACASE Board and Executive Members 

  • IEG Swan Membership Gold
    12 months
    Package price
    RMB 4,999

    This is the IEG Swan Membership Gold which is a package deal for the following products and services:

    • Free access CAET journal online; free PDF (Hi-res) download
    • Free access to CAET webinar series (16-18 sessions yearly)
    • Free access to Laban webinar series (20 sessions)
    • Free access to all i-KC videos
    • Free consultation for studying abroad
    • 2 coupons of 500 RMB discount on Inspirees workshops
    • 2 coupons of 50% RMB discount on Inspirees creative arts books
    • Other constantly added benefits

    Fully refunded within 7 days after the order; no refund after 7 days.